In May 2020, QATESOL invited educators across sectors to share the skills and knowledge they have used in supporting EAL/D students over the past two months of disrupted schooling due to COVID-19.  Through two collaborative webinars, educators shared how they had adapted their existing teaching resources to digital forms, and learned to use new platforms and programs, skills and tools. The webinars were also an opportunity to acknowledge the amazing work of teachers, interpreters, community liaison officers and bilingual teacher aides, who have worked tirelessly to assist EAL/D students and their families to navigate the recent educational challenges. While there was a focus on technology, the webinars revealed that many of our colleagues have also continued to teach face-to-face or prepare physical resources for EAL/D students for whom working online has been an impossibility. Significantly, teachers told us that collegiality has been essential as they looked for innovative and creative ways to meet their students’ educational needs.

 To access the recording and compiled notes from the webinars,   CLICK HERE

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