PD Morning & 2018 AGM Sat 10 March 2018

Lynette Lingard    How Language Works
PowerPoint How Language Works
HLW-Course Outline

PD Morning and AGM 11 March 2017

How long does it take to achieve academically in another language?

29 April 2016 Unveiling Phobias: Muslims in a changing world

Guest Speaker: Dr Rahat Naqvi

Synopsis & Bio

Living Together; Muslims in a changing word curriculum

Teaching Tolerance Resources – Debunking stereotypes about Muslims and Islam

PD Morning and AGM 12 March 2016

Guest Speaker: Dr Angela Sobyra
Dr Angela Sobyra Presentation_Theorytopractice

Getting creative in the classroom 10 October 2015

TESOL Teachers and Song 6 September 2014

Mini-conference 26 July 2014 State Library of Qld

QATESOL-Conference-LogoLooking Back, Looking Forward : celebrating over 40 Years of QATESOL

Celebrating QATESOL copy_edited QATESOL Roland Sussex Presentation Conference Presentation1 Program 26 July 2014

Joint QCAL & Qatesol Mini Conference May 2013

“Education Initiative – Money Smart Rookie” by Jillian Burgess

  1. Money Smart Rookie Errors
  2. Money Smart Rookie Update Aug 2013

PD 27th April 2013

“TESOL and Technology” by Tony Ryan and Matthew Breen

  1. Future Teaching
  2. Great Lessons
  3. Deep Engagement

PD 25th August 2012

“Language Through the Arts” by Madonna Stinson

  1. Drama and L2 – Doing Things with Words – No Pictures
  2. Presentation Notes