Why join QATESOL?

  • If you are a TESOL, ESL or EAL/D professional in Queensland, QATESOL is your professional association.
  • Many TESOL, ESL and EAL/D teachers work in isolation as specialists and advisory teachers. Some visit a number of schools or campuses each week. As a member of QATESOL, you can maintain your professional knowledge of current academic initiatives and pedagogical trends. You also have the opportunity to attend professional development events and interact with TESOL colleagues via the QATESOL website.
  • The QATESOL Newsletter focusses on articles of direct relevance to TESOL teachers throughout Queensland. Regional members can also benefit by reading notes from recent QATESOL PD events.
  • As a QATESOL member, you are automatically a member of ACTA (Australian Council of TESOL Associations).
  • QATESOL subsidises members to attend ACTA conferences and QATESOL professional development events
  • QATESOL members can apply for grants from the Anna Kohler Fund for special projects, specialist speakers for events and resource development

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What our members are saying...

“The opportunity to network was invaluable.”

“It was great I really enjoyed it. It was my first and everyone was very welcoming which was lovely.”

“QATESOL is providing an amazing support network.”

“QATESOL never disappoints - always a great balance between theory & practice.”

“I'm really pleased I attended. It was my second QATESOL PD this year and both blew me away with the professionalism and available speakers. Thank you.”

“I have been fortunate enough to work on the QATESOL committee with a hardworking and proficient group of volunteers who aim to make QATESOL a worthwhile and proactive professional organisation to join.”